How To Make Cartoon Chest Opening Animation In Spine 2D

Spine 2D Game Effect Animation Tutorial For Beginner Treasure/Chest opening animation with Spine 2D Pro

Open Chest Fx Animation

This video will show you how to create animation and vfx for Treasure/Chest in game. From photoshop to Spine 2D Rig and from After effect to Spine 2D

00:00 Introduction

00:11 Result in Spine 2D Pro

00:35 Prepare Assets To Animate

01:14 Create Rig

01:49 Chest opening animation

06:16 Draw more details inside the box

06:38 After Effect

06:53 Animate Particle

08:28 Create lightray effect

09:57 Add Png sequence to spine

11:23 Add stars coming out

12:17 Final adjustment

12:53 Increase intensity when it open

13:56 Add bold lightray

14:18 Final final