Unity Game Effect Tutorial – Impact Shape Design -DucVu Fx


πŸ“’ This video Tutorial about Game Effect in Unity shows you how I designed the impact shape for attack effects and can also be used for explosive effects.
Use for both 2D and 3D Effect
These texture painted with white and gray so we can change color inside game engine Unity 3D or Unreal Engine
With Color over lifetime module of Particle System we can control color for effect

πŸ“’ I made Impact Fx pack using these texture.
These Impact Fx using only Particle System in Unity and Hand painted texture
These Effect can use for both 2D and 3D game in Unity
Hope it helpful

πŸ‘‰See more images, gif and webGL demo HERE

Get this pack here :

πŸ‘‰ Only PSD source files and PNG exported download here:

πŸ“’Even when you are not using Unity you can use these textures for your game

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